We offer a great match to every ral and british standard code in either matt, satin or gloss

The RAL Colour system is by far the most popular of the systems contained within the Central European Colour Standard system which is currently in use. The popularity of the system can be attributed to the frequency which the colours contained within the RAL Colour system can be found used in road safety, construction and industry.

Since the RAL Colour system was conceived in 1927, it has created a concise and easily comprehensible language for the widespread use of colour. This has been achieved through the standardisation of colour names and numbers of all RAL Colours. The basic RAL Colour Collection contains more than 200 different colours and is available as both matt and gloss collections. The colours contained within these collections are widely utilised and regularly updated to reflect the changing requirements of those who use them.

In order to allow our customers to take advantage of the wide spectrum of contemproray colours contained with the RAL Colour system we have created a range of custom filled aerosol spray cans. Each of these cans is filled with 400ml of paint of one of the colours contained within the RAL system. To ease your selection, we have provided the 4 number RAL by each colour, in addition to a pictured colour preview.

If you are unsure of which specific RAL Colour tone you require, then we provide a colour matching service. In order to utilise this service, we require that you send us a sample of this colour. Following this our paint technicians will identify what the colour is before providing you with your desired order.

We understand that our customers often require their purchased RAL Colour paint in a hurry. In order to meet this need we provide a free next day delivery service on all orders over £25.00. Please note, our free delivery service is limited to addresses based within mainland UK.

For more information about the range of RAL Colours we stock, or to enquire about our colour matching service, a member of our dedicated customer service team are available .

British Standard Colour Aerosol Spray Paint

British Standard Colours refers to a number of colour systems, such as the British Standard 4800, the British Standard 5252, the British Standard 2669 and the British Standard 381C. The British Standard however is not merely limited to colours, the BSI which governs and produces the British standards aim to set up standards for foods and services.

At DH paint supplies we specialise in the provision of colours contained within the British Standard 381c, which was created in specific reference to “colours used in identification, coding and special purposes. The standard includes a range of special and mixed colours, which are particularly popular for military use, as demonstrated by the inclusion of tones named “Camouflage Red”, “NATO Green” and “Dark Camouflage Desert Sand”. Each of the colours contained within the British Standard 381c colour range can be purchased from CJ Aerosols. We package each of these colours in a 400ml custom filled spray can, each of which can be purchased for £8.95

CJ Aerosols also provide 400ml custom filled spray cans for each of the colours contained within the British Standard 4800. When compared with over colour systems, the 22 which are contained within the British Standard 4800 are brighter. This is deliberate and aims to reflect and meet the latest trends for the use of colour within public buildings. The colours contained within the system are, perhaps unsurprisingly, widely recognised throughout the UK, where they are frequently used to meet legal, safety and contractual requirements.

Please note that due to differences in screen displays which are beyond our control, the colours as shown here may not be an accurate representation of the actual manufactured colour. Colours are shown here for purely guidance based purposes.

If you are unsure of how to order your desired colour, for example if you have no reference for it, but you have a sample of the colour then we are able to provide a colour matching service. This service provides you with the peace of mind to select the true colour you desire.

We provide a free next day delivery service on all orders over £25.00, for further information, or to enquire about any of the colours contained with our British Standard colour range please contact us now.