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Master aerosol kit

Master aerosol kit

500ml primer, 400ml mixed colour aerosol, 500ml lacquer, flatting papers, g3 pot, panel wipe pot and tack cloth

DH paint supplies offer our Master aerosol  kit. It consists of a Primer 500ml,  400ml mixed colour aerosol,  Flatting papers, G3 paste pot,  panel wipe pot, tack cloth and also  a 500ml upol power can lacquer.  Ideal for that master paint finish

FOR DELIVERY INFORMATION PLEASE CLICK HERE   We don’t just stock aerosol paint, or supply you with the nearest colour,  we mix the exact shade according to your cars colour code or registration, OUR BEST SELLING PRODUCT, please enter your colour code and registration in the box ‘s provided to ensure we mix the correct colour. Need help ? hit the “contact us”  button at the top right of the page. Pro-Spray’s versatile intermix system delivers single stage and basecoat finishes from a single set of high-strength mixing toners to provide both domestic and import formulations for interior, exterior, engine bay, motorcycle, multi-tone and VOC complaint applications We are able to mix 1,000’s of different colours on site including Waterborne products, we can mix your colour for you from the paint code on your vehicle or from your vehicle registration If you can not find your paint code please contact us for advice at info@dhautopaintltd.co.uk All colour match aerosols are 400ml in size and are an fantastic match to your factory car colour Product explanations: Solvent Metallic Base Coat: Most finishes these days will be metallic (silver flake contained in the mix), these will require a Clear Lacquer finish once the colour has been applied. Waterborne Base Coat: Most modern finishes (in the last 10 years) will be a Compliant Waterborne product, this however can be a little tricky to apply if you consider yourself a novice. 2K Converted: If your colour is only available in a 2K Solid Colour finish we are able to convert this to a single pack product which you treat as a cellulose finish. Synthetic Enamel: Can also be known as an Old Fashioned Type Coach Finish usually found on much older vintage vehicles.


Master aerosol kit


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Important ! if your paint is metallic you will need a Lacquer. Click Lacquer Selection Box


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